The Future
of Tradition

Powered by Sage, Climax’s deep plant intelligence platform

A New Road
to Delicious

We are unearthing smarter paths from plants to products, creating a new generation of plant-based foods at lower cost to consumers and the environment without sacrificing flavor and texture



Uncompromising in Taste + Nutrition

Vegan cheese that is high in protein, at parity with dairy, and with better fats and other nutritional properties


Edible Plants.
Infinite Possibilities.

Finding the best from a world of combinations

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms cycle through thousands of possible combinations to identify the specific ingredients and recipes that will create the best product.

Decades of innovation,
compressed into days

With the power of data, innovation that would take decades using a traditional trial-and-error approach can now take weeks.



For hundreds of years, humans have found new ways to take what nature provides and turn it into foods that taste better, are more nutritious, safe to eat, and affordable. In today’s world, innovation is more urgent than ever. By deeply understanding what makes animal products so craveable, we are able to forge more direct paths from plants to products, without using cows.


Go On,
Grab a Cracker

Our cheeses are best enjoyed in groups, and with a (slight) element of surprise. Bring a friend, or eight.


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