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For hundreds of years, humans have found new ways to take what nature provides and turn it into foods that taste better, are more nutritious, safe to eat, and affordable. In today’s world, innovation is more urgent than ever. By deeply understanding what makes animal products so craveable, we are able to forge more direct paths from plants to products, without using cows.

// Food Chain Innovation

It’s Actually Quite Simple

The Climax process finds a simple recipe using clean ingredients that are 10x more sustainable than using animals to make milk.

Dairy Method
Climax Method

Uses more than 3/4 of agricultural land, 1/3 of fresh water, and produces 20% of all CO2 equivalent emissions


Earth-friendly+: identifying and utilizing most sustainable plant sources

“Plants are alive in that their purpose is to grow to perfection.

They are ‘soul nutritive” — ARISTOTLE

// The Power of Plants

Driven by Plant

The food on your plate represents
only a fraction of what plants have to offer

Plants are far more genetically diverse than animals and serve as great building blocks for food optimization.

We use machine learning frameworks to find out at the molecular level what makes animal-based foods so craved and loved by mass consumers.

There are infinite combinations of plant-based ingredients that can be optimized to produce indistinguishable alternatives to animal-based products.